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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Optimal Health Begins With Spinal Alignment

Maybe chiropractic care is shrouded in a cloud of uncertainties for you: What processes are used? What are the benefits you can gain from regular adjustments? Why is there such emphasis placed on the spine? Why should you seriously consider visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis? Keep reading for the details!

Chiropractic Care Explained

To really understand the dangers associated with spinal misalignment, it is crucial to have some basic knowledge about the importance of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is a practice of organized and regular treatments or adjustments that correct the misalignment of the vertebrae in the spinal cord. According to chiropractic theory, these misalignments are the cause of all dis-ease or the break downs in the body. Malfunctioning nerves can eventually lead to internal disease and a lot of pain if left untreated.

There are three key causes of misalignments:

(1) Trauma or physical stresses placed on the body as a result of exercise, your job, car accidents, etc.

(2) Stress resulting from everyday life including work, family, social expectations, spiritual issues, etc.

(3) Chemicals or other substances we put into our bodies, either knowingly or not, such as food, prescription or illegal drugs, diet ingredients (e.g. aspartame), etc.

Maybe you are wondering if it is really possible for all dis-ease (and eventually illness) in the body to actually be the result from these three causes? You are not alone! Dr. Henry Windsor had similar doubts and decided to carry out a study of the body to examine the relationship between these three factors and sickness in the body.

A Revealing Case Study

To dispel his uncertainties, Dr. Windsor, a physician from the University of Pennsylvania, studied fifty cadavers from the pathology department to find unhealthy organs. In those fifty cadavers, Dr. Windsor uncovered 139 diseased organs, such as hearts, livers and gall bladders, in various levels of disease. Next, Dr. Windsor studied the nerves connecting the infected organs with the bones of the spine.

The breakthrough by Dr. Windsor was tremendous! In all of the cadavers, there existed a misalignment of the curvature in the spine, which was directly connected to the nerves leading to the unhealthy organs.

This is what takes place within the body:

(1) The vertebrae shift out of place and the spine becomes misaligned

(2) This causes nerve irritation

(3) The nerve irritation causes a limited level of blood flow to the vital organs

(4) This causes organ disease

Why Receive Regular Treatments?

Not only is there a direct correlation between spinal misalignment and sickness of the organs, but the sickness appears to precede old age and even to produce it! Initially the spinal column becomes rigid, reducing the blood flow to the vital organs, and the feelings of old age in the body follow.

Think about this: most of us visit the dentist at least twice a year, but only about seven percent of the population regularly see a chiropractor for adjustments.

Given that your spine is the most vital element in your body to preserving your health and longevity, be sure you head in to see your chiropractor!

Source: Dr. Steve Van Laecken

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