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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heart Disease Should Not Exist!

Source: Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food That Kills - Documentary

You have heard the saying, "You are what you eat". This statement couldn't be truer! There are a lot of misconceptions about diet today. Thousands, if not millions of people are not educated about the foods they ingest. Disease prevention begins and ends with the types of foods we eat. Obviously other facts can play a role, but diet is one major factor that we have the most control over. Consider the facts in the documentary presented. You don't have to be a vegan tomorrow, but if you are serious about your longevity and sickness prevention please weight the information presented. =)

Source: Food That Kills, Dr. Michael Klaper

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Excercise Of The Week - Walk Down Push Up

Benefits of push ups are so obvious that there is no secrets about them. Plain and simple. You just need to take a few minutes each day to perform them and you are going to see their incredible impact on your body very soon. Every week your could notice great changes on the shape of your body, while watching yourself in the mirror. Every week! As far as I am concerned there is no better and faster way of getting fit as doing push ups. Let's quote some of the many benefits of performing good old fashioned push ups. They work: 1. your chest 2. hands, forearms, biceps, triceps 3. shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back 4. abs 5. glutes 6. hamstrings, quads, calf, feet 7. your heart muscle gets stronger and your mind get more 'clear', too But I need to mention so much more: - you can perform them anywhere, anytime - you don't need any technical equipment - it cost you nothing for gym membership or anything else - you can make them alone, with no hassle around - regular performing gives you almost perfect lean and very healthy look You can call push ups a core-strengthening exercise. They largely improve your balance by strengthening and shaping up most important muscle groups in your body - the core. I believe push-ups are the most effective exercise for improving total body fitness. They include cardiovascular training, weight/body lifting and muscle stretching all in one exercise. Enough talking. Now drop down and give me twenty.
Source: The Sweat Shack Bootcamp & Fitness, pushups100

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Body & Alcohol


The best recommendation of most leading doctors, would be to abstain from alcohol. But in reality, most of society still indulges in alcohol in all it's forms. Some argue that they have to maintain cultural traditions, others feel that they can do what they want to their bodies and yet others simply don't care. Alcohol is a drug. Actually, one of the most deadly drugs sold on the legal market.

With respect to fitness, many fitness professionals will also recommend that their clients abstain from alcohol. High sugar levels and other negative effects on bodily functions, can seriously hamper someone in reaching fitness goals and achieving optimal health. And fitness clients should not be surprised if their fitness goals are not reached while consuming alcohol.

Certainly, we could are not telling anyone what to do, but know that alcohol is a drug that can seriously harm you. Many of us do no realize how severely the body is impacted through its consumption. Take time to watch the above video. And please take care of your body temple. Remember, how you treat your body reflects how you treat others and the world around you. =)

Source: The Sweat Shack, Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Inc.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Improve Your Golf Game!

Loss of stamina and endurance toward the end of an eighteen-hole round of golf happens to many golfers and can often be attributed to poor nutrition. To keep up the pace and go the distance, there is no substitute for good nutrition.

Good golf nutrition has many of the same characteristics as good general nutrition. Foods that are low in fat and contain balanced portions of lean protein and slow release carbohydrates make the best choices, and the golfer’s diet should include lots of these. Lean meat, fish, and poultry are all excellent choices and should be staples in a high nutrition diet, as should carbohydrates containing whole wheat sources and green leafy vegetables.

Golfers should avoid starchy foods like potatoes, white breads, corn, and foods high in sugars. These can serve to make you groggy and less able to react properly. They will rob you of stamina rather than enhance it.

Instead of eating a traditional “three meals per day,” golfers can benefit from learning to eat several small meals over the course of the day. This process helps to train the body to take in energy in small doses and use that energy more efficiently.

Golfers need to drink lots of water. Anywhere from eight to ten glasses per day is optimal, and more than that may be necessary when playing – especially during the summer or in places with an exceedingly warm climate. Phoenix and Las Vegas, for example, are two of the most popular cities in the US for golf and they have two of the most unforgiving summer climates. Hydration is very important.

Two things to stay away from are caffeine and alcohol. Both can adversely affect your play. Caffeine over-stimulates your muscles and increases your heart rate. It makes it difficult to concentrate and can cause you to play with less elements of control. Alcoholic beverages, of course, can significantly reduce your coordination, even in small doses. It’s best not to drink any alcohol before or during play unless you don’t mind the compromise in performance.

Use these simple tips to gain a competitive advantage over your foursome while preserving your energy and increasing your stamina and endurance. Keep your nutrition sound and you’ll reap a lifetime of benefits.

Source:, Body Fuel

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012