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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Get Rid of a Spare Tire

Getting rid of that spare tire around your waist isn't just a matter of feeling better about yourself physically. Excess weight at the midsection has been shown to lead to heart disease and diabetes. The stomach muscles also help support the lower back. But toning exercises alone won't improve the area, as spot reducing is ineffective without cardiovascular exercise and a proper diet.

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* 1 Start by evaluating your diet. Make sure you are eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day and that your diet has no more than 20 percent fat. Eat lean meats, look for cereals and breads that consist of whole grains and drink eight glasses of water a day to keep properly hydrated. Getting rid of a spare tire has to start with getting rid of excess weight, which can only be done by a proper, healthy diet.

* 2 Incorporate exercise into your daily life. In addition to planned exercise like biking, park at the far end of the lot when you go shopping and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around while you're talking on the phone. Every step you take burns calories.

* 3 Decide what kind of cardiovascular/aerobic exercise you enjoy and stick to it. Biking, jogging, walking and aerobics classes are all excellent ways to elevate heart rate. Start with small, easily attainable goals, such as walking at a brisk pace for 10 minutes each day. Even modest exercise will help you to improve your overall fitness level and reaching that goal will encourage you to continue.

* 4 Learn exercises that work the three sections that make up the abdominal muscles: upper (just under your rib cage) lower (below your belly button) and the obliques (on the sides of your waist). The basic abdominal crunch is a good place to start. Be sure to isolate the set of muscles you're working on, keep your chin up (don't bring it to your chest with each crunch), keep your neck/head in line with your spine (don't pull your neck) and keep your elbows out to the sides.

* 5 Reward yourself for attaining small goals at first, but it's best not to do it with food. Do something to pamper yourself (like a manicure), buy a new book by your favorite author, or take in a game of your favorite sports team.


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