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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hemp and Goji Berry Smoothie.... Mmmmm!

This is comfort food in a glass as well as being a great alternative for anyone missing the dairy ice-cold thick creamy milkshakes of their childhood.

•Cupful of hulled (shelled) hemp seeds (providing us with the most nutritionally complete source of 1st class protein there is)!
•¼ cup of sesame seeds (rich in the much needed calcium non veggies are always challenging us about)
•Handful of cashew nuts for that rich creamy taste
•1 frozen peeled banana (fibre and potassium)
•Couple of dried apricots (more fibre, Vits A, C & K, more calcium as well as iron) and or
•¼ of raisins (though high in natural sweetness, they are also full of antioxidants)
•¼ cup of goji berries (superfood – packed with more antioxidants)
•Splash of vanilla (just because I adore the smell)!
•Dash of cinnamon (optional)
•Distilled water to dilate to desired consistency.

Serve in a tall tumbler and sip slowly (straw optional), it is after all a complete meal!

Easily digestible, non toxic hemp seeds contain the perfect ratio of all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life.

Goji berries (also known as Wolfberry) grown in various parts of Asia especially in the Himalayan regions are fairly rare. Dubbed the new superfood, they are rich in vitamins and good for the eyes.


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