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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Benefits of Glutamine: Fitness and Health Tips

Some of you haven't even heard of Gultamine before or didn't even know Glutamine was a word. Gluta-what?? Well even though you have no clue what Glutamine is, at least you now will know what the benefits are!

Glutamine isn't just used as a workout supplement. It's also used for:

* irritable bowel syndromes,
* ulcerative colitis,
* celiac disease,
* ulcers,
* leaky gut,
* speeds up the healing process and immune system.

Today I am want to continue to focus on Glutamine used as a weightlifters supplement choice for muscle building!

What are the benefits of Glutamine?

* Muscle growth
* prevents muscle break down
* improves immune system functions
* decreases illness
* decreases infections in endurance athletes
* maintains muscle mass
* prevents protein breakdown
* improves glycogen synthesis which increases muscle glycogen stores

I have found countless websites that state how Glutamine helps prevent you from getting sick. I beleive public gyms are one of the top places you can get sick from.

After you work out your Glutamine levels can be striped up to 50%. So instead of your body taking the Glutamine out of your muscles, you can replace your Glutamine from your pre and after work out shakes.


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