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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Importance Of Good Form When Going Heavy

Is it really true that you should go heavy or go home? Everyone goes on about how going super heavy with your lifts is the only way your going to get stronger and gain muscle. But what does that really mean?

Heavy for all intents and purposes, should be defined as "the heaviest weight one can move for a specific number of reps." If you can lift 150 lbs on any given exercise for 8 reps, do those 8 reps. Stopping before that means you did not go heavy.

Lets talk about form. Form is intended to maximize muscle usage, but also prevent injury. It is nearly impossible to injure yourself on any lift if you are demonstrating proper form. Providing you are not using a weight too heavy for you to handle.

Using the squat for example, we will look at the effectiveness of using good form. Thinking of the muscle contracting rather than the amount of weight you have on the bar is important. Keeping your legs about shoulder length apart will allow for maximum push from your quad muscles. At the same time keeping your back flat, not rounded during the lift, will reduce the risk of injury greatly. Your quad muscles are involved to the max potential during the movement. Many of the upper body muscles are involved in this great lift also.

You will know when you are using correct form from the kind of pain you will feel when doing the exercise. If done right, the pain you will feel will be intense burning of the muscle, caused by exhaustive strain.

Heavy lifts are a great way to gain the size and strength you are probably looking for if you are reading this article. Just remember that it is all useless if you are just going to end up injuring yourself or cheating the muscles out of proper work due to lack of good form.

So when you are in the gym don't let your ego take control over your weight lifts. Let your body control them. Be safe with your exercise and fitness training.

Source: Maureen Kurman

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