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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glutamine & Creatine Side Effects

Both Creatine and Glutamine are proven to boost strength and muscle gains when combined with a suitable workout program and diet. They are amino acids found naturally within the body which have become popular with bodybuilder and athletes due to their performance gains.

While using creatine and glutamine, water is dawn into the muscles than is normal. This may result in dehydration as a side effect of using these supplements. When using these supplements you should increase your water intake to counteract this effect.

Water Retention
Increase in water retention in the muscles can make them look fuller and shapelier. However some individuals’ body shape means that they will look fatter around the waste which they may find undesirable. Muscles may lose shape when individuals stop taking the supplements.

Upset Stomach
Bloating and stomach upsets are associated side effects with both glutamine and creatine.

Kidneys Problems
No conclusive evidence exists to show that creatine causes problems in the kidneys. However there is significant anecdotal evidence from users linking creatine to kidney problems and specifically to the development of kidney stones. Users should take into account that the likelihood of kidney stones is increased by having a high protein diet, a common habit of bodybuilders. Lack of fluid in the body also increases the chance of kidney stones. Creatine side effects negative impact can include dehydration so it is logical that the creatine could indirectly lead to kidney stones if users do not rehydrate themselves. It is recommended that you contact a medical professional if you have kidney problems.

Long Term Impact
Both supplements are continuously being studied by various groups to have their side effects analyzed. At the current time however the current research is not sufficient to adequately state the long term impact of these supplements.