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Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Turn A Regular Recipe Into A Low-Fat Recipe

Flag all high-fat ingredients in the original recipe.

Make a list of low-fat products that can be substituted for all of the flagged ingredients.

Replace whole eggs with egg substitute products. One egg is equivalent to 1/4 c. of egg substitute.

In sweet baked goods, substitute applesauce or pureed fruit for oils, butter or margarine. As a general rule, you can use a cup of applesauce or fruit for every cup of oil or butter.

Use skim or 2 percent milk in place of whole milk.

Replace regular sour cream or mayonnaise with fat-free or low-fat versions, or use yogurt.

Use ground turkey instead of ground beef, or try extra-lean ground beef.

Remove the skin from poultry, either before cooking or after cooking, depending on the method (a chicken roasted without its skin, for example, would dry out, but skinless chicken can be braised to no ill effect).

Use cooking spray to coat pans instead of butter or olive oil. Add a little water if foods start to stick.

Learn where added fat is important and where it's not so important. For example, there's seldom a difference in onions sauteed in one tablespoon of oil or onions sauteed in two or three tablespoons of oil.


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