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Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Tips for Toned Arms

10 - Drink Water
Drinking water can both help you lose weight and help you appear thinner. Bodybuilders have been using water as a means to pump up their muscles days before a contest as it can sometimes aid in the illusion that your arms are tight. As to whether this works or not, I’m not sure. I am sure, however, that drinking water has so many health and fitness benefits that you would be a fool not to drink more of it!

9 - Cardio like a maniac!
I see many women at the gym doing the same thing every day. Day in day out. Run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Ride the exercise bike for 10 minutes. Boring, boring, boring!

If you want to get toned, defined and thinner arms then you need to increase your training intensity. You need to make your cardio workouts explosive and you need to put those underworked arms and legs under some full on stress (in a healthy way).

Instead of doing the usual bike ride or treadmill run try and do a few sessions of hill sprints, wind sprints, boxing, etc. per week. You will notice a huge difference.

8 - Jump Rope
Jumping rope / skipping will boost your arms progress by miles. They get a great workout while doing cardio - what could be better? You will notice increased weight loss, increased muscle definition and you can do as much or as little of it as you like depending on how thin you want your arms. Use this tip well!

7 - Split your weights routine
Many women do a full body weights workout each time they go to the gym. What I mean by this is, they go to the gym three times a week and each time they work out every major muscle group.

This is fine but it has problems. The main problem is that if you work out every muscle group every time you will not be able to stress it as much as you would if you were only working one or two muscle groups out. You don’t have enough time.

So, if you want to tone your arms up then you should try splitting your workout so that you train your biceps and triceps on their own day so they can be put under the maximum amount of work possible.

6 - Eat natural
I have been really into natural foods this year. Eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables and good meats will help you tone your arms. I have noticed that I lose weight automatically when I go all natural and this aids in the toning process.

Remember, to tone your arms you need to remove as much fat as possible off of your entire body. One of the best ways to kick this process along is to eat naturally.

5 - Use whey protein powder
Sometimes in our modern lives we don’t have time to get enough protein in our diets. If this is the case for you then you might want to consider using a whey protein powder to supplement your diet.

Whey is the best protein. It works hard and fast in the human body and seems to bring the best results for everyone. I highly reccomend the brand Optimum as it has a long standing reputation as a high quality product.

Using a protein powder straight after your weights workout in a post workout milkshake is particularly useful.

4 - Hit up a boxing class
Everyone I know who has tried boxing on a regular basis has had amazing muscle definition results. The arms seem to get the most toned and firm of all the muscles as they are doing a lot of work. Think about it. In a session on the heavy bag the arms have to tense on impact of punching, wind up to punch, etc. It can be very hard work.

If you are the type of woman who has a lot of problems with big, flabby arms then boxing may be the best thing you can do. Like skipping it allows you to get a heavy cardio workout whilst working the muscles. Bonus.

3 - Increase your weight and decrease the reps
When you weight train do not fall under the mis information that using light weights with high reps will tone your arms. It won’t. It is an old rumor that should be put to rest.

If you want to tone your arms you should gradually begin to use heavier weights with less reps. This is how we grow muscles. Each time you workout you should stress the muscles slightly more than the last by increasing the resistance placed on it. Toning the arms is no different. You need muscle to be able to show it off.

2 - Remember that toning really means weight loss
Remember that if you want to tone your arms you really need to focus on losing fat. It is fat that makes arms look soft and it is losing that fat that makes your arms look hard, defined and toned.

As people always say, it doesn’t matter how nice your muscles are, if there is a layer of fat covering them you will never get to see them. So, if you are having trouble toning your arms then perhaps you should shift your focus to weight loss practices like a clean diet and good cardio as opposed to weight training five days a week.

1 - Have fun!
Worrying about toning your body can really get you down. It can be a long and very hard process and if you take yourself too seriously in that time you can end up feeling pretty low. Many teenage girls in particular have this problem.


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