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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Benefits Of Balance Exercises

There are many benefits of balance training but here are the top 3 benefits:

Improves core strength. The core muscles include not only those in your abdominals and back, but also muscles in your pelvic floor and hips. If the core muscles are weak, your body doesn't work as effectively, and other muscles have to pick up the slack. This can result in injuries such as a twisted knee, a pulled shoulder, or your classic "bad back."

Improves joint stability. Balance training helps the body react in an unstable environment by contracting the right muscles at the right time. It improves joint stability and helps to prevent joint dysfunction and injury. Everyone young and old can benefit from balance exercises.

No equipment is necessary. Although there are balance boards and other equipment that can be used in your balance training, the truth is, if you have a floor to stand on, you have all you need to improve you balance and your overall health. This is why it appeals to so many, especially seniors who live in smaller spaces, like assisted living apartments.

Our balance deteriorates as we age, so it's important to incorporate balance training into your fitness regimen now. At any age, remember to start off slow and build up to more intense exercises. You will truly feel muscles working you've never felt before, so you want to make sure to not over-do it at first. If time and finances allow if, search out a specialized balance trainer in your area. Some local YMCAs offer balance classes so see if you can find one near you.


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