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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Muscle Confusion - An Amazing Muscle Builder

So what is muscle confusion? Do you really need to make your muscles confused?

Well not really, you see muscle confusion (MC) is really a training principle that creates variety in your training. The reason to use this training protocol is because muscle confusion prevents plateaus and keeps your muscles growing. Muscles become accustomed to a training program very quickly. We need to develop different exercises and perform a variety of sets and repetitions. The best way is to cycle your training program, typically in four week cycles.

By cycling or changing your training program every four weeks, your muscles cannot become used to the exercises. This forces your muscles to grow quicker than with any other training method. That is why MC is such an exciting training principle.

One way to use MC is to vary the exercises. For example, if you were doing a barbell incline chest press, you could use a hammer strength incline machine one week and then the following week you could do a dumbbell incline press. While you're still working the upper chest muscles, you're hitting them from a different angle and this will stimulate new muscle growth.

By using the MC principle you're guaranteeing yourself consistent results in your fitness and resistance training workout.

Here are three tips to help you in using the muscle confusion principle:

" change your exercises every four weeks.
" use free weights, cables or resistance bands in your workout.
" vary the repetitions and the number of sets you use.

By following these three tips you will get the Maximum Results from your strength training workouts. Use the muscle confusion principle in your training program. Remember the three most important components of gaining muscle size are:

" Proper rest
" Proper nutrition
" Hard training

Make sure you include these three components in your muscle building goals, doing so guarantees fast muscle growth and the body that you dreamed about.

Regardless of whether you want to gain maximum muscle size or lose body fat-- or both. The correct exercise equipment and nutrition program are essential.

Source: Frank Sherrill,,

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