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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Benefits Of Amino Acids

The amino acid benefits contribute to almost every cell in your body.

With very few amino acid side effects, these nutrients are extremely important for your body to function properly.

If you read about protein, or building muscle, you're basically reading about the function of amino acids.

Any article about building muscle will tell you that protein is crucial.

You have probably heard that protein is the building blocks of your body. Well, amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

All the benefits of protein are basically the benefits of amino acids.

Amino acids help repair muscles, organs and your skin.

There are 20 common amino acids and each one relates to specific health benefits.

Everything from reducing the risk of cancer to healing wounds and muscles can be labeled as an amino acid benefit.

Here are some of these specific benefits:

- Increases physical energy
- Helps keep the brain functioning normally
- Growth and repair of muscles
- Converts stored body fat into energy
- Helps overcome depression
- Improves memory
- Alleviates fatigue


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