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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Is Traumeel?

Trigosamine is a holistic medication used for joint pain. It comes in a daily use tablet. Clinical studies by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) have allowed the medication to be sold to the public. Trigosamine is not a drug, but a supplemental medication since it contains all natural ingredients. On the surface, Trigosamine has no side effects of its own. But looking at the ingredients brings different information to the potential user. You should be aware of the ingredients and the possible reactions to them before taking this medication.


The three active ingredients in Trigosamine are Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid. The drug is allowed to claim there are no overall side effects because the combination of these ingredients does not cause adverse reactions. While the combination of these ingredients does not cause any known side effects, two of the individual ingredients, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, do have side effects reported in their use.


Glucosamine can have side effects including stomach upset, headaches, sensitivity to the sunlight, skin reactions and insomnia. Rare side effects include nausea, heartburn, abnormal pain, a loss of appetite and constipation.


The side effects of Chondroitin, while reported, are rare. Some of the signs to look for include sensitivity to light, hair loss, difficulties breathing, hives or rashes, tightness in the throat or chest, chest pain, stomach pain, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. There is also a possible increased risk of bleeding. An unknown sense of euphoria indicates the need to cut back on the use of Chondroitin as well.


According to the Mayo Clinic persons with prostate cancer or a risk of cancer should avoid using medication with Chondroitin. Trigosamine has proven to cause allergic reactions in people who have asthma or have allergies to shellfish. This is caused by the Glucosamine supplement which can cause a serious reaction to people with a hypersensitivity to shellfish such as shrimp, clams, or lobster. Consult a physician if you are unsure of the possible effects.


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