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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Body & Alcohol


The best recommendation of most leading doctors, would be to abstain from alcohol. But in reality, most of society still indulges in alcohol in all it's forms. Some argue that they have to maintain cultural traditions, others feel that they can do what they want to their bodies and yet others simply don't care. Alcohol is a drug. Actually, one of the most deadly drugs sold on the legal market.

With respect to fitness, many fitness professionals will also recommend that their clients abstain from alcohol. High sugar levels and other negative effects on bodily functions, can seriously hamper someone in reaching fitness goals and achieving optimal health. And fitness clients should not be surprised if their fitness goals are not reached while consuming alcohol.

Certainly, we could are not telling anyone what to do, but know that alcohol is a drug that can seriously harm you. Many of us do no realize how severely the body is impacted through its consumption. Take time to watch the above video. And please take care of your body temple. Remember, how you treat your body reflects how you treat others and the world around you. =)

Source: The Sweat Shack, Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Inc.

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