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Thursday, October 13, 2011

All About SUGAR!!!

Human bodies are designed to run on carbohydrates, which is the source of our energy. We fulfill this need by consuming complex carbohydrates from whole foods like whole grains, vegetables, beans or lentils; or simpler carbohydrates such as from fruits.

However, with technology, man has extracted sweetness but leaving behind the nutrients. Refined sugar is lethal for human consumption because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals, rendering it “empty”.

Concentrated sugar—in the forms of white sugar, brown sugar, glucose, honey and syrup—releases sugar fast, causing a rapid increase in our blood sugar levels when consumed.

If this sugar is not required by the body, it is deposited in "storage" as fats. These concentrated sugars are almost totally devoid of useful nutrients.

When the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas releases insulin into the blood stream. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate the level of blood sugar.

When we consume food that releases sugar fast (high glycemic index), our body over-reacts to the increase in blood glucose by producing more insulin than necessary.

As a result, blood glucose falls too much within a short time, causing you to feel hungry again. When you respond to that hunger by eating another high glycemic meal, it sets off another cycle of swing in the insulin level.

Over time, these exaggerated increases and falls in the insulin level will lead to a reduction in the body's ability to respond to insulin, the development of a condition called insulin resistance.

When this happens, the glucose level in the blood system remains constantly high. The pancreas respond by producing more and more insulin to try to maintain the sugar blood level, until it can no longer keep up anymore.

This condition is directly damaging to the cells and can cause very severe long-term damage to the body.

Some of the common health problems known that are related to this condition are insomnia, obesity, type-II diabetes, polycystic ovary disease, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and hormone related cancers.

Do not be deceived and use artificial sweetener. They mostly contain aspartame that are even deadlier than your table sugar. A plant-based sugar called stevia is a much healthier alternative.


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